House Sketch Teams


The Campaign

Fantasy Adventure Theatre, featuring dungeons, dragons and mountain dew.

The Campaign is a love letter to all things fantasy, adventure and nerd-dom. Armed with only a 20 sided die, the “players” use a blend of theater and improvisation to fight dragons, traverse dungeons and save the realm from all forms of evil. Inspiration is drawn from traditional tabletop roleplaying games, video games and movies that helped make the fantasy genre what it is today.
The show takes the audience through one whole adventure each performance, from the heroes choosing their quest to the final showdown with whatever lurks in the darkness. 

Presented at the Tank by Kaitlin Noble, Sarah Kimball, and Jeremy Terry


Outwit Outplay Outlaugh

18 People, 3 Disciplines, 1 Sole (comedian) Survivor

Welcome to a Survivor style comedy competition! In what will HOPEFULLY* be the first show of a season worth of "episodes," contestants will be split in to tribes and compete for immunity. Over the course of the competition, Survivors will be tested in acting, writing, improvisation, character work, story telling, and stand-up.. The audience decides who goes to tribal council, but the tribe will actually vote and decide who is out of the competition. Produced by Jared Laxer.


Shot 4 Shot

A drinking game with a movie problem.

This costumed script-reading is performed by a rotating cast, selected per role. Drinking rules are launched and fun times are had. The movie selection changes each show, so there's always more fun to be had.

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Straight to Video

The Improvised Movie

is a never-before-seen film improvised on stage before a live audience. Based on a one-word suggestion, seasoned improv veterans Katie Hartman, Sarah Peele, Joanna Shaw Flamm, Claire Yale Raynes, Evan Kaufman, Devin Heater, and Ben Jaeger-Thomas weave together a hilarious, fully realized film narrative complete with ridiculous characters and a ton of heart.

Technical Direction by Christine Pynn