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Sean morin

Sean plays with Crunch Patrol on Friday Nights. He’s studied at iO in Chicago, UCB and Annoyance in New York and Villain Theatre in Miami and he’s trained with Jeff Quintana, Lindsey Hailey, Billy Merritt and Johnny Meeks. He’s also won two Harry Potter trivia contests at Barnes and Noble when he was a kid and he was once on the local news eating a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich. The dog in his photo isn't his, he's just a friend. One day his website will be, but for now he’s just a coward without a website who can only do twelve pushups.

He’d like to thank his parents for putting up with him, his friends for keeping him sane and pretty much everyone else in the world except for Makespace. They fired him for being a terrible employee and he just can't bring himself to forgive them for that.