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We're Trying Here Fest

  • The Tank 312 West 36th Street NYC (map)

One comedy festival. One person putting it together. One big fun mess.

September 29th

6 PM - Hank’s Leftovers, Miracle Horse, Bougie, Damnit Kevin, These Two

7 PM - King Crab, Tapass Queerass, Family Sauna, Ghost Clique, Trash

8 PM - Savage, The Internet Disagrees, Screwdriverz, Shitz Carlton Standup: Jared Wilder

9 PM (Sketch Block) - OPEN, OK Meatplace Standup: Amanda Krebs

10 PM - The Boozeroom, Mostly Women, Softball, Goliath Standup: Megan Goetz

11 PM - New Tork, Definitely Humans, The Panel, Standup: Nat Towsen

September 30th

12 AM - Second Most Fuckable, Side Salad, Humble Gods, Standup: Gregory Hall

1 AM - Hmm, Old Man Time, One Man Shot4Shot, Maddy Casale (characters), Kermit’s Flailing Arms

2 AM - SLEEP DEPRIVED IMPROV JAM hosted by John Vogel

3 AM - 6 AM - Traditional Showing of the Room

7 AM - Shewitt, Breakfast Boys, Decorative Soap, Rafael Rautha (characters)

8 AM - Peachel and Jerry’s Treehouse, Therapy Session, Fireman’s Carry, Plastic Bones

9 AM - Headshot, Babyprov, The Flock (Big/Little Program), My First Tattoo

10 AM - The Plan, Gritty Reboot, Stranded, Masterminds

11 AM - Boots N Cats, Spencer Meade is a Villain, Stove’s Cabin Crew

12 PM - 3 Weird Lizards, Brand Loyal, Jane Don’t, Gym Crush

1 PM - Minivan’s World, HULSH, Coach’s Kid, WunderAcktion Standup: Randall Otis

2 PM - ---, Informal Attire, Fight Club Sandwich, Falcon Toss Standup: Gary Levitt

3 PM - Off The Top Improv Jam - Hosted by Raymond Morency

4 PM - Towels, Bad People, Standup: Gianmarco Sorsei

5 PM - Pyramid Scheme, Tobin Tales, Bryan Packman, Standup: Anthony Oberbeck

6 PM (Sketch) - Face for Radio, Cam McCall Standup: Veronica Garza

7 PM (Ladies Night) - RSVP, Butterfly Kisses, DMXX, Attractive Nuisance Standup: Katie Skiff: Bad Date!

Earlier Event: September 28
The Armory House Improv Teams
Later Event: October 2
Outwit Outplay Outlaugh