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neil mallinar

Neil performs with Cute!  He’s studied at The UCB and Brooklyn Comedy Collective.  He makes music for fun too! He’d like to say thanks to all of his family, friends, co-workers, collaborators, acquaintances, people he knows but doesn't keep in touch with much anymore, his college landlord for teaching him that he can stand his ground against tyrants, his high school orchestra teacher for dropping his grade a full letter because he was quitting at the end of the year, the person on his flight back to California in December 2017 who told him they have immense respect for musicians because he was carrying a violin, the Mountain View Public Library for letting him play Line Rider on the public computers after school in sixth grade, and Doyald Young, an American typeface designer and teacher and inspiration for one of his first and best characters, who never met him but still managed to influence his life in a significant way.  Check him out at sometime in the future when the website goes up.