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leah evans

Leah Evans is the Founder and Director of The Armory at The Tank. She serves on The Panel (for sketch and improv) as well as produces and appears regularly in Shot4Shot.

Originally from Upstate New York Leah is an active improv coach in NYC and has toured the country improvising. She’s been seen in television and film but is very embarrassed when asked about any of it because she gets self aware and awkward.

You may mainly know her as a writer and her plays have also been performed all around the United States. Again, she gets embarrassed about that too.

Eventual goals include becoming a late night television show sidekick and eventually renting her own tiny studio apartment. Much love to her cats and bartenders who comped her a beverage here and there. Extra love to the quiet/awkward ducklings out there who are ever told they can’t do something - You can!

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Twitter: @leahevans88