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Heather performs on sketch team Be Kind, Rewind and in various Shot4Shots.  She’s studied at The UCB and The PIT.

Heather loves cats, chickens, octopuses, and Toto (the band - especially the song "Africa").

Heather hates both pickles and lettuce. She would especially hate a pickle wrapped in a blanket of lettuce.

Heather does like pizza and jalapenos, especially combined.

Heather has made numerous appearances across NYC as Duckberg's most infamous resident, Dumps McCluck. Pics and rap single available upon request.

Heather loves the old PBS show Mathnet so much that she created and performed in an entire tribute show for its 30th Anniversary.

Heather was once in an improv group called Start Trekkin'. Together they created 4 years' worth of new episodes set in the classic 60s Star Trek universe.

Heather is currently on a musical improv team at the PIT called Elevator Talk.

Heather would like to thank Chris, Rufus, Maggie and Col. “kitten” Grape.