Work Together with Anne Veal


Improv is one of the most uniquely ensemble dependent art forms that exists. Most of the pure joy of improv comes from two or more people on stage directly reacting and affecting one another; an almost alive and electric dynamic specific to that one given moment. But too often, when we don’t put our focus on our scene partners, we let those moments pass us by. And the pressure to invent, control, or even retreat almost inevitably and instinctually takes over. In this course, we seek to retrain the individualized adrenaline of performing to be a greater part of a collective group energy. Students will learn techniques in support work, listening, labeling, gifting, and building off of each other as a unit.


Instructor: Anne Veal


Wednesday, September 25th 7-10pm

Wednesday, October 2nd 7-10pm

Wednesday, October 9th 7-10pm

Wednesday, October 16th 7-10pm

Wednesday, October 23rd 7-10pm

Wednesday, October 30th 7-10pm

Location is a TBA studio space in Manhattan

Class Shows:

Saturday, October 12th 2pm

Saturday, November 2nd 2pm

Location for class shows is TBA and time is subject to change based on availability

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