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Own It

TBA • IMPROV You already have all you need to be the performer you want to be. Commit and own your choices! Use and unlock the full potential of your imagination by bringing your real life experiences to the stage. Use the totality of your performance space to bring your ideas to life. $150.

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Explore New Yous with David Armstrong

THURSDAYS 9/12-10/17 7-10pm • IMPROV We all have layers. Versions of ourselves that we only access based solely on our surroundings or our relationships. Accessing these different parts of ourselves can provide greater texture and specificity to help an audience identify with the spontaneous moment happening upon the stage. $150.

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Work Together with Anne Veal

WEDNESDAYS 9/25-11/6 7-10pm • IMPROV Improv is one of the most uniquely ensemble dependent art forms that exists. Most of the pure joy of improv comes from two or more people on stage directly reacting and affecting one another; an almost alive and electric dynamic specific to that one given moment. $150.

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