Own It with Marcus Bishop-Wright


You already have all you need to be the performer you want to be. Commit and own your choices! Use and unlock the full potential of your imagination by bringing your real life experiences to the stage. Use the totality of your performance space to bring your ideas to life. Don't give your analytical brain too much of an opportunity to betray your instincts. Through a mix of acting training and an intense focus on unique and challenging improv forms, students will be challenged to double down on their natural comedic sensibilities whilst still maintaining the inner "them" that makes them, well, them!

*This class is recommended for advanced performers as students will be learning two very complex forms: Cat’s Cradle and The Krompf


Instructor: Marcus Bishop-Wright


Tuesday, September 3rd 7-10pm

Tuesday, September 10th 7-10pm

Tuesday, September 17th 7-10pm

Tuesday, September 24th 7-10pm

Tuesday, October 1st 7-10pm

Tuesday, October 8th 7-10pm

Location is a TBA studio space in Manhattan

Class Shows:

Saturday, September 21st 3pm

Saturday, October 12th 3pm

Location for class shows is TBA and time is subject to change based on availability

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