Find Your Voice/Create Your World with Melissa Ulloa


Part of the magic of improv is how it makes us realize whom we really are at our cores. Learning your comedic taste is a constantly evolving process that will increase the quality of improv the more mindful you become of your own journey. In this course, we seek to help you use your real opinions to develop philosophies for pattern based scene work. In addition to bringing in your individual points of view, this course will also make use of your individual rich history of specifics to make a vivid world made entirely out of thin air. The internally developed philosophies of you will be the catalyst for fleshing out the body of your environment and space work within a scene. Some additional skills focused on in this course include honest reactions, yes anding, making use of your environment, and making active choices.


Instructor: Melissa Ulloa


Monday, October 7th 7-10pm

Monday, October 14th 7-10pm

Monday, October 21st 7-10pm

Monday, October 28th 7-10pm

Monday, November 4th 7-10pm

Monday, November 11th 7-10pm

All classes will be held at New Georges’ “The Room”, 520 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor, in ART/New York’s Spaces. Please note that a government-issued photo ID is required to enter 520 8th Avenue.

Class Shows:

Sunday, October 27th 2pm

Sunday, November 17th 2pm

Class shows will be held at The Magnet Training Center Room A, 22 W 32nd Street, 10th Floor. The dates and times might change based on availability.

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