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We all have layers. Versions of ourselves that we only access based solely on our surroundings or our relationships. Accessing these different parts of ourselves can provide greater texture and specificity to help an audience identify with the spontaneous moment happening upon the stage. The focus of this course is to encourage students to develop all of their past experiences and absorbed cultural knowledge into a rich well of characters for their improvised scenework. Making use of our external world, sense memories, knowledge of various cultural archetypes, physicalities, catchphrases, and vocal capabilities will help us to open the floodgates and release all the many yous out of you.


Instructor: David Armstrong


Thursday, September 12th 7-10pm

Thursday, September 19th 7-10pm

Thursday, September 26th 7-10pm

Thursday, October 3rd 7-10pm

Thursday, October 10th 7-10pm

Thursday, October 17th 7-10pm

All classes except for 10/10 will be held at The Sheen Center, Studio B, 18 Bleecker Street (enter on Elizabeth Street and sign-in at the desk). The Thursday October 10th class will alternatively take place at New Georges’ “The Room”, 520 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor, in ART/New York’s Spaces. Please note that a government-issued photo ID is required to enter 520 8th Avenue.

Class Shows:

Sunday, September 29th 5pm

Sunday, October 20th 1pm

Class shows will be held at The Magnet Training Center Room A, 22 W 32nd Street, 10th Floor. The dates and times might change based on availability.

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