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david steele

David Steele is on Pyramid Scheme and does Shot4Shot.  He’s studied at The Annoyance Theatre Chicago AND New York, UCB and the Brooklyn Comedy Collective.  Outside of The Armory, he does comedy throughout Brooklyn and hosts the monthly Animal Show at Vital Joint.  He’s performed at the Aspen Laugh Festival through Risk! Podcast. He broke his arm in a pillow fight with his brother.  He was signed up for the navy but backed out a few weeks before leaving for boot camp. He’d like to thank all of his amazing teammates he’s been with in the Armory, his family for being supportive of him moving to NYC for comedy, and The Tank for having a dope venue for artists.  He’d also like to thank Leah Evans for starting the Armory and Ms. Garvin for introducing him to improv in his small town/redneck high school and then UF for having an awesome improv group (Go Gators.) Check out everything David by clicking this link.